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Title: Off Day
Fandom: Kim Possible
Rating: G
Words: 114
Pairing: Kim/Ron
Trio Prompt: nascent, slay, cupcake
Author: Known on as Yelhsa D, on lj as gods_lil_rocker

Please pardon my first attempt at cheesy Kim Possible drabble.  =D  Enjoy!


“The batter, the frosting, the chips, all making the nascent into the glorious wonder that is the chocolate double fudge cupcake!  It’s a thing of beauty, KP!”  Ron Stoppable said, peering into the oven and beaming with delight. 


Kim Possible rolled her eyes and smiled laughingly at her best friend.  “How much longer until it’s done?”  Kim inquired, placing the frosting on the counter. 


“A few minutes more.  Hey, want to hear a great joke?”  Ron began spouting off the “Hey, a talking cupcake!” joke.  Kim laughed at his corny joke. 


“Ha ha!  I slay me!”  Ron laughed.  Kim stole behind her friend, sliding her arms around his waist. 


“Me too, Ron.  Me too.”

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